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Posted by Planeta Srbija | 23.8.08 | | 0 comments »

You want Recent Comments on your blog? Like a widget on your sidebar? It's pretty simple. I suggest you don't use some widgets on the internet because they are not very reliable. Today they work fine, tommorow they are gone! Instead of that you can use a simple trick: use blogger feed service!

Go to your Layout tab / Page Elements, click on Add a Gadget, and then choose "Feed". Put in the following path:
Name it something like "Recent comments" (or whatever). Save everything! Enjoy! If comments don't show up, make sure you did not entered twice "http://" (because there is already one tipped by default), check if the feed is working by enetring the same link into your internet browser. If everything is OK, then relax for a couple of minutes (hours) - it will come up! But when it does, it will work perfectly!

If you use custom domain, use following path:

By the way, if you want "Recent Posts" in your sidebar, use the same procedure and following path:
or for custom domain:


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