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Posted by Planeta Srbija | 23.8.08 | | 0 comments »

As you my have noticed, I'm pretty much against free widgets spread over the internet because they are not relyable. There is much easier way to publics popular posts on your blog (criteria is post with most commets).

Go to your Layout tab / Page Elements, click on Add a Gadget, and then choose "Feed". Put inside following:
Name it something like "Popular Posts" (or whatever). Save everything!

1) Make sure you did not entered your URL starting with "http://" (because there is allready one at the beginning) Just put after "F" yor blog name like:

2) Make also sure your "Comment Feed" is not set to "None" (Settings/Site Feed).

3) Sometimes, if it doesn't work, for a couple of minutes (hours) - it will come up! But when it does, it will work perfectly!



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