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RSS is getting more and more popular every day. People rather like to get informed about new posts instead wasting time searching blogs and sites for frequently updated content. People subscribe to RSS service by entering RSS URL into "RSS Reader", "Feed reader" or an web or desktop based agregator. But sometimes RSS can do more harm than good to your site statistics.

If you write about many different things on your WordPress based website you can imagine that not everybody is interested on all new posts on your blog. Most templates, if they have an RSS icon at all, don´t give this option for categories. But this is already built in function of WordPress! I just adore this CMS (content management system)- it has no limits and its so simple!

Subscribing to Categories:
It´s very unlikely that a lot of people are going to use this tricks by them selves. You will have to place somwhere on top of category an icon with hyperlink.

First, you have to know your category number. Click on any. You will get something like this: http://www.your-domain/?cat=16

Now,the format of RSS feed for this category would be:

If you choosed "custom permalinks" in your WordPress settings, you will have to use the complete path to your category, and the RSS feed will look about this:


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